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2023 Membership Letter

Once upon a time 50 years ago… 

     ...Saint Bartholomew’s had deteriorated to the point there was talk the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont might tear the building down. A “foreboding” sign was nailed to the front, “UNSAFE FOR VISITORS”. A small group of people disagreed and with its preservation in mind they met in August and September and decided to form our Society. 

     The first meeting was just 5 people, Irene Scott, Margaret St. Onge, Larry Pratt, Beatrice Chaffee, and Sharon Devries according to the minutes. At a meeting at the church in early September “no business was transacted due to small attendance and the intense cold”. They persevered, and just a few weeks later officers were elected. Bylaws were drafted and approved by the Board by the end of October. Our first fundraising letter went out to the community in November. 

      In January of 1974 the Society had 124 "adult members" and 2 business members, $502.02 in the bank, and purchased the building for one dollar. Members from the period describe sitting in the building during a rain storm and watching water run down the interior walls, and plaster bulging in places. The entire building had orange-red shag carpeting on the floor. There was no water/plumbing, no electricity, and no heating system. 

     Thus began a fifty-year odyssey to restore and preserve the building, open the property to community use, begin recording the Town’s history, and award small scholarships all without any direct taxpayer support. It has been, and remains, a labor of love from everyone involved, benefiting our community and State. 

     We cannot begin to thank the countless individuals, businesses, and organizations that have helped along the way. We are committed to continue these efforts and hope you will affirm our work by contributing in any way you can. On this, our 50th anniversary, we hope to fully recover from our COVID membership dip and return to our goal of 200 memberships, or more (adults or otherwise)! 

     If you are renewing, thank you. If you aren’t a member, please consider joining us, it’s an opportunity to make a local impact and no donation is too small. It is your support that made, and makes, all this possible. THANK YOU! 

     With deep appreciation, the Montgomery Historical Society Board:

 John Beaty, Patrick Calecas, Bob Cummins, Marijke Dollois, Pat Farmer, Mary Garceau, John Kuryloski, Roger Lichti, Bill McGroarty, Patty Perl, Scott Perry, Elsie Saborowski, & Sue Wilson

The Montgomery Historical Society is a 501.c.3 tax exempt organization and
receives no revenue from the Town’s tax rolls.

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