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March 17, 2017

Dear Friend of Montgomery,                                                                      

     A few of us were in the bell tower one day last summer dismantling pigeon nests as part of a general clean-up day.  The view across the valley to the Caney Farm on Regan Road was sublime.  In the tower the sight of middle age men with straw in their hair was something else, and it brought to mind all of the volunteers who come to work at Pratt Hall.

     There is the “Men with Tools”, that tongue-in-cheek group of Board members who possess excellent mechanical skills.  A few others, who can at least distinguish a hammer from a saw and fetch one when requested, sometimes pitch in as assistants.  And then there is the perpetual light maintenance: painting, cleaning and rendering pigeons homeless that a larger group helps perform.  Attending one of these work sessions can be gratifying.  They are mostly harmonious affairs.  The truly talented organize the event and the rest do their best to make the morning a successful one.  It is a labor of love and just an example of how efforts from the Board and other MHS members join with your financial support to make us successful.  

     It has been a good year for the MHS.  Work at Pratt Hall continued.  The clock and bell tower were repaired under the supervision of member Tim Murphy.  Men With Tools played a supporting role in this one mostly with the clock faces. And the west wall, clock and tower received a fresh coat of paint by member Ted Bruckner.

     Pratt Hall is looking great. A packed house enjoyed being there for Carols and Candles, and the doors were open for town events like Harvest Fest.  The Hall remains available as a meaningful place for townspeople and others to gather for a memorial service or wedding. The past year witnessed both. 

     We all know that Montgomery is fortunate to have a number of civic minded groups. The MHS showed support for the recently founded Montgomery Center for the Arts (former Baptist church) by acquiring a plaque that recognizes the building’s place in the National Register of Historic Places.

    Looking ahead, the MHS plans to continue to participate in state and local events like the Vermont History Expo. We also have scheduled a commemorative exhibit for July 15th marking the 1997 flood. Yes it has been twenty years. Many people suffered serious home damage during that event; a few lost them altogether.  But the community spirit on display was incredibly inspiring.  Mark your calendar for our annual meeting on June 30th and an Octoberfest Dinner on October 7th.  We also hope to host a Farmer’s Market throughout the Summer.   As usual this and other information will be disseminated via our newsletters, emails, and on our web site. 

     We sincerely hope you will find it a pleasure to become a member, or renew your membership, at the MHS. Thanks for helping us serve our community with  such success!

With gratitude, your MHS Board;

Scott Perry, Bill McGroarty, Marijke Dollois, Sue Wilson, Tim Chapin, Elsie Saborowski, John Beaty,
Jo Anne Bennett, Mark Baddorf, Pat Farmer, Andre LaBier, Bob Cummins, and Patty Perl