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2018 Membership Letter

Dear Friend,

     During one of those white spells in February, when many of us were happy to be wrapped in a blanket of Winter quiet, a neighbor spoke wistfully about the Farmers’ Market at Pratt Hall.  Even a Winter enthusiast could think longingly of Summer hillsides and plants freed from greenhouses.

     The weekly Saturday market was one of the big success stories for the MHS in 2017, and it stands out as we recall some of what has happened since our last membership letter. Local vendors were provided a venue, and the Society raised a little money in organizing the event. More importantly, Pratt Hall and the adjacent grounds became a lively gathering place as people stopped to buy a loaf of Wendy’s bread, garden vegetables or a Fire on the Mountain pizza, as well as other artisans’ goods.

     The MHS  awarded two scholarships to deserving Montgomery high school seniors who are presented with a check as part of the Society’s annual June business meeting. A conversation with one of last year’s recipients, Avery Ellis, made clear that this is an important tradition we should be proud of. The money was most appreciated but just as much was the message of support from our little town.

      We hope you had a chance to see our exhibit in July and August commemorating the 20th anniversary of the 1997 Flood. More than 275 people stopped by to remember the event. The video, especially, stirred a range of emotions for those who lived here during that difficult moment.  Newer residents and vistitors were moved to see footage of the damage and the community spirit on display.

     Autumn witnessed an event focused on kids and the young at heart when the Modern Times Puppet Theatre provided a performance. Oompa music also heralded another authentic Oktoberfest dinner to benefit the Society.

     In December our holiday celebration went beyond the evening hour of singing at Carols and Candles. We thought especially of the families and younger ones in town and were able to organize horse-drawn wagon rides and face painting during the morning and afternoon.  Even Santa Claus could not resist an appearance (courtesy of the Montgomery Fire Department).

     With all of the sizeable expenditures in recent years, it is nice to report that Pratt Hall is in good shape, except for a misbehaving clock. We recently acquired a video of the ceremony thirty-three years ago celebrating the re-installation of the bell and clock tower. Steve Hays offered some meaningful words as he reminded everyone how important the former church was as a gathering place.  It still is - for weddings, celebrations of life and a host of community events.

     We do all of this with the generous contributions from our roughly 200 members. If you are one of those members, THANK YOU.  We hope you will find it rewarding to continue to be a part of the MHS.  

     If you are not a member WHY NOT JOIN US and help us serve our community?

     Hope to see you at the Farmers’ Market, or a concert, or …. 

With gratitude, your MHS Board;

Scott Perry, Bill McGroarty, Marijke Dollois, Sue Wilson, Tim Chapin, Elsie Saborowski, John Beaty,
Jo Anne Bennett, Mark Baddorf, Pat Farmer, Andre LaBier, Bob Cummins, and Patty Perl