Unapproved Minutes of Meeting

The MHS Annual Meeting was held June 22, 2007 at Pratt Hall at 6:00 P.M.

Board Members, Members and Guests present: See attached list

Chairman Scott Perry opened the business meeting at 7:00 PM and welcomed everyone present. A special welcome was extended to Alex Chirelstein, MES teacher and his 5th grade students, James Ouellette and Jason Robtoy, painters of Pratt Hall, and to Sydney Sundell, our most mature member at age 101! Parma Jewett received special thanks for the wonderful dishes she prepared for the meeting.

The scholarship winners for 2007 were announced:  Isaiah Patterson and Virginia Purrier

 “This day in history 1924…” Dorothy Lang, first woman to graduate from UVM Medical School – Sydney Sundell was 18 when she graduated.

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?
1.    What year was Pratt Hall built? 1833-1835
2.    What was the population of Montgomery in 1835? About 400
3.    Where did stained glass windows first originate? Middle East Mosques.
4.    How was Pratt Hall originally heated? Kerosene heaters in the cellar. Heat rose through slots in the floor.
5.    When were most of the stained glass windows installed in Pratt Hall? 1870-1900
6.    What was Montgomery's population in 1900? About 1900, the most it's ever had!
7.     How many schools were there in Montgomery 150 years ago? 12, serving 426 students!
8.    How often is the clock at Pratt Hall wound? Once a week
9.     By what other names was Pratt Hall known? Union Church, St. Bartholomew's
10. What was the principal industry in Montgomery a hundred years ago? Timber and related mills

Minutes Annual Meeting June 10, 2006:
Sue Wilson made a Motion, seconded by Sabra Massey to approve the 2006 Minutes as presented. The Motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report as of June 14, 2007:
-    General Fund Account    $ 2,888.45   
-    Scholarship Account    $ 6,514.46
-    Capital Improvement Account    $ 2,704.58
-    Stained Glass Window Account    $    100.00

Liabilities    -    Mortgage    $26,854.79

Line of Credit Balance Available - $ 20,000.00
* MHS property assessed at $348,300.00   

Allan Kalsmith made a Motion, seconded by Bill McGroarty to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented. The Motion was unanimously approved.

Membership Report 2007 to-date:
Total members:    170
New members:      14
Dues:        $8,413
Mean:        $     52
Median:        $     25+

These figures represent 88% of the 2006 membership and 90% of 2006 dues received. The goal is to reach 200 memberships and $10,000 in receipts.

Marijke Dollois thanked everyone present for their continued support. Over the years membership has grown and she is confident that the goal will be reached, if not this year certainly next year. Memberships are still coming in and a reminder letter will be sent out early July. She also thanked the Board for working so well together.
Fundraising events:
Sue Wilson reported on the upcoming auction on July 23rd. The funds raised by the auction will be used in part to pay down the mortgage and the last lexon panels to be installed over the stained glass windows.

Concerts By the Common:
Steve Hays presented this summer’s concert series which is focused on jazz. It is the 19th season and the series has been able to continue because of the many sponsors and audience participation. Season tickets for this series are available.

Art Show August 25th:
Heidi Lague is again the chair for this event and she has already lined up several artists. There will be a member appreciation event the evening before the opening of the show with wine and cheese. Members will be notified of the details.

Sally Newton reported on “Elder Night” – a panel of oldtimers who will tell about life in Montgomery in earlier times and answer questions from the audience. Other programs planned are about the US Marshall Service (by Andre LaBier) and the Abenaki.

Board of Directors:
Scott presented the current Board of Directors –
    Scott Perry, Chairman            Bill Branthoover
    Bill McGroarty, Vice Chairman        John Beaty
    Marijke Dollois, Secretary        Heidi Lague
    Sue Wilson, Treasurer            Parma Jewett
    Jo Anne Bennett            Sally Newton
    Pat Farmer

Charlie Fichman made a Motion, seconded by Allan Kalsmith to elect the Board for the upcoming year. The Motion was unanimously approved.

Bylaws changes:
(Underlined text signifies changes in language)
Bylaws Change 1:
Article 5 Directors, Section 3.
The term for a Director shall be one year. three years. and no Director may serve more than two consecutive terms. The Board of Directors will be divided into three equal classes so that no more than 1/3rd of the terms of Board Members expire in anyone year.

Bylaws Change 2:
Article 6 Officers, Section 1.
    There shall be a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.
    [a]     The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected appointed at the first meeting after the Annual Meeting of the Society.
    [b]     The Chairperson, Vice•Chairperson, and Secretary shall serve for a term of at least one (1) year. and no more than three [3] years. The Treasurer shall serve for a term of three (3) years.
    [c]     The Officers will be elected, or confirmed in the case of the Treasurer if said term is not expired, annually at the Annual Meeting.
    (c) The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary shall be appointed from those members serving in the third year of their first term.

From the Chairman’s Report…
State of the Society:
The State of the Society is good
-    Concert series ended with a small profit
-    Best attended art show
-    Membership and contributions are up from last year
-    Memorial Day commemoration was the best-attended in years
-    Pratt Hall Restoration and Repair – Scott thanked James Ouellette,Jason Robtoy and Brad Elliott for their excellent work
-    Clock diagnosis – the clock works but some repairs are still required. Rocky Elkins continues to wind the clock weekly; a
-    Covered Bridges Mailbox Auction brought in $1,500
-    MES visit – a brief slideshow was presented on the 5th grade visit to Pratt Hall which included a picture of Rocky winding the clock.

2007 Challenges:
    -    Maintain and continue to increase membership
    -    Increase participation and outreach
    -    Plan for exhibit space/storage
    -    Continue building artifact collection database
    -    Financial security
    -    Pratt Hall clock, windows and general upkeep

Scott closed the meeting with thanks to everyone present and for their support.

The Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM motion by Bill McGroarty, seconded by Sabra Massey

Respectfully submitted,

Marijke M. Dollois, Secretary


Board members:

    Scott and Sharon Perry
    Bill and Noela McGroarty
    Marijke Dollois and Charlie Fichman
    Sue Wilson
    Parma Jewett
    Sally Newton
    Jo Anne and Dave Bennett
    Pat and Carol Farmer
    Bill and Margaretta Branthoover

    Glen Bartolomeo
    Tim Chapin
    Bill Harlow
    Steve and Catherine Hays
    Allan and Rita Kalsmith
    Andre and Rosalia LaBier
    Sonny and Lois Lumbra
    Nancy Martinson
    Sabra Massey
    Hugh and Beth McAdams
    Everett and Susan McGinley
    Lou and Margaret Meihuizen
    John Perkins and Jay Kerch
    Marsha Phillips
    Lutz and Elsie Saborowski
    Ken and Jayce Secor
    Sidney and Elizabeth Sundell

    James and Anne Ouelette
    Renée Patterson
    Annie Purrier
    Jason and Lara Robtoy

(Total: 49)