Unapproved Minutes of Meeting


The MHS Annual Board meeting was held June 10, 2006 at Pratt Hall. There were 39 members and 3 guests present as per the attached list.

Hors d’oeuvres were served by Montgomery Catering Company under direction of Tosca Smith. After an hour of socializing Scott Perry opened the meeting with a powerpoint presentation.

Scott announced the selection by the scholarship committee (Bill McGroarty, Sabra Massey, Sue Zeineth-Collins and Michelle Legault) of the annual Lalia Pratt Hays Scholarship in the amount of $500.00: Victoria Williams. She was presented with a check and received great applause. She thanked the Board and all members present.

The Covered Bridges Mailboxes project was presented and Scott thanked everyone who worked on the committee and Ben Weed for building the mailboxes. Ten boxes with bidding sheets were presented. They will be in the float during the July 4th parade and then displayed at Trout River Traders and various other businesses that have sponsored a mailbox. They will all return to Pratt Hall for final display at the Art Show on Saturday, August 26th, the final day of bidding.

Sue Wilson presented the treasurer’s report:

ASSETS - General Fund:   
    2005 EOY Balance        $    761.98
    06/10/06               6,282.24
Anonymous donation           5,000.00

Scholarship Account:           6,282.24
Capital Improvement Account:      1,038.59

    Mortgage            $27,582.78
    Painting              10,000.00

Line of Credit                $20,000.00
MHS Property Assessment        348,300.00 (first time assessment)             

John Beaty, seconded by Lutz Saborowski, made a Motion to approve the Treasurer's Report as presented. The Motion was unanimously approved.

Marijke Dollois presented a membership report:
2006 - 135 members to date, including 10 new members - $6,595. There were 32 members in 1974 when the MHS was formed and 11 are still members. One of them is still very active in the Society and was present at the annual meeting: Bill and Margaretta Branthoover.

Steve Hays thanked all the Concert Series sponsors and gave a brief overview of the upcoming program which will consist of 4 concerts. Ticket price will be $12 and $10 for members.

Scott made a report on upcoming exhibits:

Saturday, July 29th: an exhibit of Clayton Fuller's photographs and postcards collected by Bill Branthoover.
Saturday, August 26th: annual Art Show and exhibit of Covered Bridges Mailboxes and the pallets painted and decorated by Montgomery residents.

Both exhibits will be preceded on Friday by a "Members Only" preview gathering and social time with wine, cheese and other delectables prepared by Parma Jewett.

The current Board of Directors was presented as follows:

    Scott Perry, Chairman            Bill Branthoover
    Bill McGroarty, Vice Chairman        John Beaty
    Marijke Dollois, Secretary            Heidi Lague
    Sue Wilson, Treasurer            Parma Jewett
    Jo Anne Bennett                Sally Newton
                Sabra Massey

Scott welcomed Sally Newton for re-joining the Board. Lutz Saborowski, seconded by Allan Kalsmith, made a Motion to confirm the election of the Board of Directors as presented; the Motion was unanimously approved.

Scott gave an overview of the challenges that the MHS will face in the coming year:
- increase membership
- fundraise
- plan for exhibit space/storage
- build artifact collection database
- Pratt Hall and Heaton House repairs

Sue Wilson thanked Scott for all his hard work and detailed presentation.

There being no further business, Sue Wilson made a Motion, seconded by Sabra Massey, and unanimously approved, to adjourn the Meeting at 7:17 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke M. Dollois


No.    Guest
1    Anderson, Rolf
2    Beaty, John and Sandra
2    Branthoover, Bill and Margaretta
2    Bridgman, John and Pen
1    Chilton, Ralph
2    Dollois, Marijke and Charlie
2    Farmer, Pat and Carol
1    Frascella, Karen
2    Grossman, Suzanne and Robert Scales
2    Hays, Steve and Catherine
1    Harlow, Bill
1    Jewett, Parma
2    Kalsmith, Allan and Rita
1    Lague, Heidi
2    Lewis, Winston and Tim
2    Manosh, Stacey
1    Massey, Sabra
2    McAdam, Hugh and Beth
2    McGroarty, Bill and Noela
1    Nye, Barbara
2    Perkins, John and Jay Kerch
1    Perry, Scott
1    Phillips, Marsha
2    Saborowski, Lutz and Elsie
1    Wilson, Sue
3 guests-    Williams, Paul, Lorna and Victoria