Unapproved Minutes of Meeting


     The MHS Annual Meeting was held June 17, 2005 at the Town Hall at 6:00 P.M.

     Board Members present: Scott Perry, Bill McGroarty, Sue Wilson, Marijke Dollois, Winston Lewis, Sabra Massey Parma Jewett, JoAnne Bennett and archivist Bill Branthoover.

     The Montgomery Catering Service served a delicious meal to 39 members and friends. Members were able to view Parma Jewett's “Farming Then and Now” display that will be presented in Tunbridge at the Vermont Historical Society Expo. Door prizes of maple syrup, flowers, and a large floral window box which was donated by the Covered Bridge Garden Club were given to various people.

     At 8:05 PM Chairman Scott Perry opened the business meeting and welcomed everyone present. He mentioned several historical events that took place in “This day, this month in history…”

     There was no secretary's report for the 2003 Annual Meeting to be approved.

     Sue Wilson was announced as the new Secretary for 2006. Barb Nye has retired and Scott thanked her for all her good work. Sue presented a treasurer’s report for 01/01/04 – 12/31/04 prepared by Barb, as well as up-to-date financial figures:
    $  4,008.51 – checking account
    $10,631.87 – Gordon Jewett CD
    $  2,006.54 – Capital improvement and repairs CD
    $16,646.92 – Liquid assets

    $13,236.93 – 2 scholarship CD’s

     Allan Kalsmith made a Motion, seconded by Bill McGroarty to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented. The Motion was unanimously approved.

     Marijke Dollois gave a report on membership: 133 members today (including 17 new members) with total membership dues received of $5,627. The total for last year was 147 members with $5,676 received in dues.

     Bill Branthoover thanked everyone who helped with the Memorial Day Service which was held this year at Hill West Cemetery. He gave a presentation on the maintenance of records of all artifacts stored at Pratt Hall. The cataloguing was started in 1994 and involves recording of date of accessioning, museum number, name/address of donor, item description, provenance, dimensions and other pertinent details. The cards with all information are kept at Pratt Hall and a duplicate record is maintained separately by Bill in a book. There are currently 1,245 items divided into 13 categories. He further mentioned some specific items of importance – sermons of Rev. Grace Brooks, the first lady minister in Vermont, Pastor at the Georgia Plains Baptist Church; diaries of Joe Potvin from 1892 to 1961;  and records of the Nazarene Church on West Hill from 1938 to 1954, recording all pastors, members and baptisms.

     Upcoming events:
     June 25-26 – Vermont Expo at Tunbridge Fair. MHS theme: Farming Then and Now, organized by Parma Jewett.
     July 4th Parade – the float will show the items displayed at the Tunbridge Fair. Scott hopes to be able to incorporate acknowledgement of the 225th birthday of the Town of Montgomery.

     Sue Wilson and Rita Kalsmith presented the names of three students who were awarded a $300 MHS scholarship (usually only 2 scholarships are awarded, but the selection was very tough this year!): Brittany DeVries, Ashley Cota and Sara Domina.

     Chair’s Report:

Financially the Society is in good shape; the goal is to save for future expenses and have a balanced budget.

increase membership
increase participation in programs
improve exhibit and storage space
photograph artifacts collection
placement of Hectorville Bridge – possibly on Gordon Jewett property

Other items:
     Bylaws: Scott discussed the amended by-laws which basically has removed the formal
appointment of officers; these positions are now filled by Board members on a rotating basis. The Executive Committee for the year 2005-2006 consists of Scott Perry, Chair, Bill McGroarty Vice-Chair, Sue Wilson, Treasurer and Marijke Dollois, Secretary.  Sabra Massey made a Motion, seconded by Sally Newton to approve the amended by-laws. The Motion was unanimously approved.
     Pratt Hall accident: fortunately there was no damage to the building. A report has been made to the insurance company; there is a $250 deductible. Repairs to the railing, ramp and sign will be done shortly.
     Tunbridge Fair: volunteers are needed to man the booth.
     July 4th float decorations: volunteers are needed.
     Concert update: Steve Hays is no longer able to organize the series due to other commitments; Sabra Massey has volunteered her services for this year. The first concert will be Aug. 6th at 7:30 PM presenting a Barbershop group. They performed at Pratt Hall several years ago and were very popular.
     Presentation of the MHS website, linked to the Town of Montgomery website.

     During dessert time the following items were raffled off:
     $10 gift certificates donated by:  Pond Store, Trout River Traders, Beaver Meadow, Snowshoe Lodge, D&N Greenhouse, D&D Deli
     5 individual pints of maple syrup from Leland Snider/Marty Lumbra

     After the raffle two items were auctioned off:
     Donated sketch of the Creamery Bridge by Janis Hess purchased by Sharon Perry
     Donated flowerbox by the Covered Bridges Garden Club purchased by Noella McGroarty

     Scott thanked the donors for their generosity, Tosca and her staff for presenting a wonderful dinner and all members for attending the 2005 Annual Meeting.

     At 9:00 PM Charles Henderson made a Motion, seconded by Charles Fichman to adjourn. Motion was unanimously approved.

Respectfully Submitted

Marijke Dollois,