Minutes of Meeting
December 3, 2004

Minutes of meeting held Friday, December 3, 2004 at the home of Marijke Dollois.

Meeting came to order at 6:25.

1.  Marijke explained all the changes concerning officers in the by-laws.  After some discussion Sue Wilson made the motion to accept the amendments.  Scott Perry seconded the motion.  Before it was voted, the amendment was amended to review the procedures for officers after one year.  Sue Wilson made the motion to accept the motion with the change to the amendment.  Parma Jewett seconded the motion and it was passed.

2.  Bill McGroarty made the motion to appoint Marijke Dollois as secretary for a term to expire in 2006 and Bill Branthoover as emeritus.  Sabra Massey seconded the motion and it was passed.
Lois Lumbra is now the wedding consultation and she also has the keys to the back and front door. If a board member need to get into the Pratt hall they can call the following people who have keys.
Lois Lumbra     326-4651
Rocky Elkins    326-3004
Scott Perry        326-3247

3.  Lutz noted that Rocky needs to make sure the water is shut off and drained at Pratt Hall.

4.  There was discussion about the upcoming Vermont Historical Expo and the theme for the MHS booth will be “Farming Then and Now”.  Other themes for future years Timber/Buttertubs/Mills/Telephones.  Committee for this year expo will be Parma Jewett, Marijke Dollois, Sabra Massey and Sue Wilson.

5.  Bill McGroarty received a letter from Steve Hays resigning as chairman of the concert series.  There was discussion about continuing the concert series and finally Barbara Nye made the motion to continue and Sabra Massey seconded the motion.  The motion was passed and a committee consisting of John Beaty, John Bolog and Sabra and Andrew Massey was formed to study what form the concert series should take.

6.  Upcoming Carol and Candles was discussed and the following people will be responsible for these duties.
Refreshment    Parma Jewett
Decorations    Noelle McGroarty
Concert Leader    Andrew Massey   
Story Telling    Lisa Perry
Marijke        Posters/Flyers   
Piano        Kay Maynard

7.  It was suggested renaming the concert series after Steve Hays.

8.  Sally Newton will be acknowledge at Carol and Candles for her years of services to the historical society and will be presented with a bouquet of flowers.

9.  Sue Wilson will take over as treasurer at the end of Barbara Nye term.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10

Respectfully Submitted
Parma Jewett