Unapproved Minutes of Meeting
Pratt Hall
Wednesday, September 15, 2008 @ 5:30 PM


Board Members and Members Present:    
Scott Perry, Sue Wilson, Bill Branthoover, Marijke Dollois, John Beaty, Pat Farmer, Bill McGroarty, Jo Anne Bennett, Sally Newton

Scott Perry called the Meeting to order at 5:35 PM. He thanked everyone present for continuing on the Board with him. He showcased the arrival of “The Crate” delivered by Gary Wetherbee from Ohio. Other items presented were a sheet on reminiscences by Gaston Begnoche about working at Nelson & Hall and two tokens donated by Laurie DeCuicies; these were tokens were used by workers at Nelson & Hall as “money” to purchase items at the company store. The tokens were given to Laurie by Leland Snider.

Show and Tell: 
a)    Marie Baron donated her quilt “Pieces of History”. It will be hung above the display area.
b)    A postcard of the Hutchins Bridge was received from the Imperial County Historical Society in California.
c)    Video of Elders’ Night II edited by Ave Leslie, and a video of Betty Stanton’s presentation.
d)    With the help of Bill Branthoover’s grandon, Bill’s daughter and Gary Wetherbee the Nelson & Hall packing crate finally arrived.
e)    Scott showed prototypes of Christmas cards showing sections of the stained glass windows; it was suggested they be sold at $1.50/card. Scott will look into the cost of printing.

Recognition of visitors:
    Noela McGroarty

1.    Minutes of 08/20/08: Sue made a Motion, seconded by Pat to approve the Minutes of 08/20/08 as written. Bill B. pointed out some corrections to be made:
    Item “Show and Tell” d): should read “…Nelson and Hall…”
    Item “Show and Tell” e): should read “…donated copies of ledger books…”
    Item “Show and Tell” f): Bill asked that Parma send a Receipt to Fern Perley acknowledging her donation of the photograph.

    Bill made the following Friendly Motion regarding donation, seconded by Sue: The curator should issue a receipt for all items donated to the archival room. The Motion was unanimously approved.

    The Minutes of 08/20/08 were unanimously approved with amendments as discussed.

2.    Treasurer’s Report of 09/15/08:
        Checking Account    $    4,660.77
        Stained Glass Window fund CD    5,532.48 @ 1.74% - matures 10/24/08
        Capital Improvement CD    1,864.99 @ 1.74% - matures 12/10/08
        Lalia Pratt Hays Scholarship CD    6,844.79 @ 1.74% - matures 11/06/08
        Heaton House Mortgage     $23,733.52 @ 6.49% fixed – matures 12/20/10

        Concert series report:
            Sponsorships    $ 2,675.00
            Ticket Sales    2,092.00    $  4,767.00

            Concert costs,
                    housing included    $  5,414.76
            Postage and printing    141.70    $  5,556.46
                Loss                   ($     789.46)

    The Vermont Arts Council grant of $1,000 has not yet been received.

        Art show report:
            Artist (17) @ $20.00    $ 340.00
            MHS picture sold    50.00
            Tinsel painting raffle    104.00
            Donation    21.00    $  515.00

            Postage    $  49.36
            Supplies    501.44*
            Insurance    100.00
            Wine    138.66    $  789.46
            Loss                  ($   274.46)

            * Most of the supply cost is a one-time expense: pegboards, lights, lamp holders, bulbs and power cords.

Noela made a Motion, seconded by Jo Anne to approve the Treasurer’s Report of 09/15/08. The Motion was unanimously approved.

3.    Membership Update:
Marijke reported the following:
    203 members - $ 9,845.00

Marijke distributed a list of members who have not renewed since 2005. Scott asked the board members to review the list for possible renewals.

4.    Old Business:

A.    Speakers – October 4 at (time???) Sally reported that as of now Sharon Anderson will not be displaying her wigwam on the lawn next to Pratt Hall. Sally will bring cider to be served and asked for help with food such as brownies.

B.     Pratt Hall/Heaton House – Powder post beetles have been found in the basement. Pat and Bill volunteered their help to clean out the tower so that it can be treated by Grenier pest control at the same time as the basement is being done.

    Brad Elliott took down the main chimney in the Heaton House (above the living room). He agreed to take down the second chimney free of charge with MHS paying for the required materials.

    Bill Mc has been in touch with Mr. Landowski to come and review the condition of Pratt Hall.

C.    New Board Members – No further report.

D.        Butler Decorative Cloth – Bill Branthoover has sent a sample of the donation receipt form currently being used by the MHS to Mr. Douglas Butler. No further report.

E.    Request to scan our photos – No further report.

F.    Mortgage principal reduction – No further action.

G.        Art Show warp up – The Board thanked Noela for her outstanding organization of the show which helped to make it a great success. Noela reported that several art pieces were sold and that the exhibitors were pleased with the improved display space. She suggested that next year the show be held only on Friday and Saturday with a maximum of 16 artists.

H.     Marion Towle project – no further report.
I.    Old maps project – no further report .

5.    New Business:
    A.    Pratt Hall rental policy – Sue made a Motion, seconded by Pat to approved the proposed Revised  Retal Policy with the following addition under Rules: 
        “11. Users will be held liable for any and all damage to the building or to any items located therein during the use of Pratt Hall.”

        The Motion was unanimously approved.

    B.    Cards prototype – see Show and Tell item e).

    C.    Archives – no further report.
    D.    Scott reported that the League of Local Historical Societies will hold their annual awards program on November 7th in Bellows Falls.

    E.    The December 12th meeting will be held at the Dollois/Fichman house at 6:00 PM.

    F.    A discussion took place regarding the power cords hanging down from the lights – it was suggested to hide them with a plastic (or metal) cover and perhaps install dimmers.

    G.    Bill B mentioned that Lutz had asked him where the book on the Clapp genealogy is kept. It is not in the archives at Pratt Hall; perhaps it is at the town library. Bill B will check this out.

6.    Adjourn: 

        Bill Mc moved and Bill B seconded a motion to adjourn at 6:40 P.M.  Said motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke M. Dollois