Unapproved Minutes of Meeting

The MHS Board meeting was held Thursday, September 8, 2005, at Pratt Hall, Montgomery Village.

Present:     Scott Perry, Sue Wilson, Marijke Dollois, JoAnne Bennett, Parma Jewett, Heidi Lague, Winston Lewis, Bill McGroarty.

At 5:30 PM Scott Perry called the Meeting to order.

Scott presented “This day in history….”

Scott announced the upcoming presentation by Joe Citro on the preternatural taking place at Pratt Hall on Wednesday, September 21st at 7:00 PM.

1.    Minutes – The previous Minutes, prepared by Parma Jewett, were read by Scott Perry. The last paragraph was amended to add the permission to purchase a wireless microphone. Scott Perry made a Motion, seconded by Sue Wilson to accept the Minutes with the Amendment of the August 11, 2005 meeting as written; the Motion was unanimously approved.

2.    Treasurer’s Report – Sue Wilson reported as follows: checking account balance $3,799.46; Capital Improvement and Jewett CD’s balance $12,691.97 and Scholarship CD’s balance $13,279.18. The cost for the art show was $85.45, with income of $205.00 and expenses of $290.45.  Parma Jewett made a Motion, seconded by Bill McGroarty to accept the Treasurer’s Report as written; the Motion was unanimously approved.

3.    Membership Update – Marijke Dollois reported as follows:
    Total membership to-date:     167 - $7,502.00 received
    New members:          21 - $   840.00
    Reminder response:          28 - $1,650.00 (Cost: $47.67)
    Marijke will update Scott with new members since the last newsletter.

3.    Old Business –

    a)    Art show – the art preview by invitation for members only was an outstanding success. Heidi, Parma and Sue were commended for their work in making this event a success. Heidi reported that others have already expressed an interest in participating next year.
    b)    Special projects/events
        1)    Community History Project – Nothing new to report at this time.
        2)    Covered Bridges Festival – Heidi presented a sample of a mailbox made by Ben Weed. It is standard size and he would be able to make 10 by March 2006. The Board approved the design and thanked Ben Weed for his participation. The cost is $50 per mailbox; Parma reported that $250 has already been received in sponsorships and that there are plenty of artists willing to participate. They should be ready for next year Spring/Summer. Heidi proposed an appreciation event for sponsors, artists and members to view the mailboxes and promote the fundraising program. Bill McGroarty suggested to have two ready for Carols & Candles – one painted and one plain. Heidi joined the committee (Parma, Sue, Sabra and Marijke) to work on the sale of the mailboxes.
        3)    2006 Calendars – They will be distributed to local businesses – Lutz’s automotive, Cottonwood Quilts, Maggie Sylvester’s Deli, Trout River Traders and Town Clerk’s office.

c)    Pratt Hall –
    1)    Accident repairs – The repair of the ramp and railing was $473 and the estimate for the repair of the sign is $175. The insurance company sent a refund of $398.
    d)    More Board Members – Marijke Dollois made a Motion, seconded by Sue Wilson to welcome Heidi Lague as the new Board member. The Motion was unanimously approved and Heidi was welcomed by everyone present.
      e)    Display space – no action
    f)    Budget – no action

3.    New Business –
    a)    Suzanne Dollois met with Scott Perry to discuss plans for an artist retreat to be held next year in which about 8-10 artists from her college will participate in various events – music, painting, drama, photography. She and her fellow students will be applying for grants to promote the arts in the community and pay for any costs. She asked if the MHS would be the sponsoring entity as a non-profit organization. There would be no cost involved to the MHS. Sue Wilson made a Motion, seconded by Bill McGroarty to use the MHS non-profit status to support the retreat. The Motion was unanimously approved.
    b)    Scott asked for news items for the October Newsletter. JoAnne and Winston will supply information on the interview they have held on historical events in Montgomery.
    c)    It was decided to donate $100 to a cultural organization in Louisiana or Mississippi that has suffered from the Katrina Hurricane. Sue will contact the Vermont Historical Society to find out which organization would qualify.

4. There being no further business, the Meeting adjourned at 6:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke M. Dollois