Unapproved Minutes of Meeting
September 14, 2006


Board Members Present:    
    Scott Perry, Bill Branthoover, Marijke Dollois, Bill McGroarty, Sue Wilson.

Scott Perry called the Meeting to order at 5:37 PM.

It was agreed that the next Meeting will be held at the Public Safety Building.

Bill Branthoover reported that Betty Stanton donated 176 pieces from the Gates Estate; they have all been catalogued and accessioned.

1.    Minutes:
Marijke made a Motion, seconded by Bill B. to approve the Minutes of August 30th as written; the Motion was unanimously approved.

2.    Treasurer’s Report:
    Sue reported as follows:
        Checking Account    $    2,516.57
        Hays Scholarship CD    6,329.23
        Capital Improvement Acct.    1,044.50
        Anonymous Donor CD    5,025.70
                        $  14,916.00

        Mortgage balance due    $ 27,408.89
        Line of Credit    7,000.00

    Jim Ouellette has been paid $12,256.67 and Sticks & Stuffs ± $900.00 for supplies.
The concert series, including the anticipated costs of the October 9th concert, will possibly show a small profit this year.
Bill M. made a Motion, seconded by Bill B. to approve the Treasurer’s Report; the Motion was unanimously approved.
3.    Membership Update:

Marijke reported a current membership of 187 for total contributions received to-date of $8,977; this includes 14 new members. The 2005 total was 178 members for a total of $7,822. Marijke distributed a membership list to those present and will mail the balance to the rest of the Board members.

It was agreed to start the membership drive in March 2007.

4.    Old Business –

A.    Ongoing Projects/Events:
    1)    Covered Bridges Mailboxes Project – the total funds raised is ±$1,500. It certainly was a success.
    2)    Concerts – The last concert will be October 9th. The concert at the school has not yet been confirmed. Posters will be distributed around town. Advertising was discussed but it was decided to have a press release in the County Courier and free announcements in the “Current Event” column.
    3)    Speakers – no report.
    4)    Art Show – the show was very well attended and considered a success. The preview for members only on Friday evening had a smaller attendance than last year but should be continued.
    5)    Special Exhibit – Bill will remove the photographs before his return to Ohio.

B.    Pratt Hall – The clapboards have been replaced on the back of the building. There is some minor woodwork repair left on the front of the building. The plexiglass for one of the stained glass windows was stolen; Scott will contact Lutz for information on where to purchase new sheets.  Scott suggested giving a book, certificate of appreciation and an honorary membership for 2007 to Jim Ouellette, Jason Robtoy, and Brad Elliott for the work done on Pratt Hall. Bill M. made a Motion, seconded by Sue to approve Scott’s suggestion; the motion was unanimously approved.

    Bill B. asked the Board to start discussions on the proposed use of the Heaton House and to develop a long-range plan. It was decided that the Executive Committee would meet to start the process and report to the Board at the next meeting.

C.    Change to Bylaws/Board and Officer Terms – tabled until next meeting.

5.    New Business:

A.    Pratt Hall volunteer Certificates of Appreciation - André Gareau for his help with the clapboards and Robert Scales for his donation of the Access Database program.

B.    Work Day – October 14th at 9:00 AM to continue clean-up at the Heaton House and Pratt Hall.

C.    Heaton House - The roof needs to be re-asphalted; Scott will contact Brad Elliott.

D.    Sale of Heaton House items – it was agreed not to sell items at this time.
    E.    Carols and Candles – Sunday, December 17th at 5:00. Hopefully Andrew Massey will be able to lead again.

    F.    Archival Data Base – The Access Program has been loaded and Isaiah Patterson will enter records. It will be very helpful to cross-reference and retrieve information about the collection.

6.    Adjourn: Bill M. made a Motion, seconded by Sue to adjourn at 6:40 PM; the Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Marijke Dollois