Unapproved Minutes of Meeting
September 13, 2007


Board Members and Members Present:    
    Scott and Sharon Perry, Sue Wilson, Marijke Dollois, Bill Branthoover, Pat and Carol Farmer, Parma Jewett.

Scott Perry called the Meeting to order at 5:35 PM with pizza and drinks to celebrate the membership goals of over 200 members and reaching contributions of over $10,000. Thank you Scott!

Arthur Gates Hooper donated photographs of Hugh Jewett who served in WW II; a photograph of Goodspeed Lake was donated by Agatha Blodgett and an Atlas Timber brochure was donated by Rita Tatro. Dee Pratt said she would donate a photograph of Larry and Lalia Pratt and others of Pratt Hall and Montgomery.

Parma said she would trace the 1903 map of West Hill on acetate so that copies could be made and frame the original.

Recognition of visitors: None

1.    Minutes of 08/09/07:
Sue made a Motion, seconded by Parma to approve the Minutes as written; the Motion was unanimously approved.

2.    Treasurer’s Report:
Pat made a Motion, seconded by Parma to approve the Treasurer’s Report of August 8, 2007 as presented; the Motion was unanimously approved.

Parma made a Motion, seconded by Bill to approve the Treasurer’s Report of September 13, 2007 as presented; the Motion was unanimously approved.

3.    Membership Update:
Marijke reported that the paid membership as of August 13 is 218 members with total contributions received $10,334.00. This includes 19 new members.

4.    Old Business –

A.    Ongoing Projects/Events:
    1)    Concerts – Scott and Sharon attended a dinner a Sidney Sundell where they met Jean François Beaudoin, a builder of harpsichords and flutes. He is not a performer but is interested in coming to Pratt Hall.
    2)    Speakers – no further report, however, the Board encourages Sally in her efforts to get a presentation on Abenaki’s.
    3)    Elder’s Night – the Sept. 8th presentation at the Town Hall was a big success; about 50 people attended. The feedback was very positive with requests to repeat the event in the future.
    4)    Art Show – There were 11 artists who exhibited at the show. Noela McGroarty will take over from Heidi for next year. It was suggested to make it a more combined effort with the CBGC, especially in regards of publicity.
B.    Pratt Hall
We received the $500 matching Preservation Trust Evaluation Grant. An architect has visited Pratt Hall and the Heaton House and will send in his report shortly.

Pat has made a boson’s chair so he can hang outside the tower and fix the broken hour hand on the front face of the clock. We’re not sure if Carol really likes the idea! We will wait until receipt of the architect’s report before proceeding.

The lower part on the inside of Pratt Hall has been painted. Two small areas towards the front remain and will be done in October.
C.    Archives – No report

D.    Stained Glass Windows Fund (SGWF) – no report

E.    Plaques – Pat presented the SGWF plaque. We will wait until Noela returns from her trip and then all plaques will be re-arranged and hung in their appropriate and more visible locations.

F.    Painting Party – see B above.

G.    Insurance – Sue is waiting for a quote from Ricker Insurance in Middlebury.

5.    New Business:

Parma suggested we investigate the possibility of plaques for century homes. Displaying their year of construction, similar to what’s been done in Fairfield.

6.    Adjourn:  Meeting adjourned at 6:35 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke Dollois