Unapproved Minutes of Meeting
July 19, 2007


Board Members Present:    
    Scott Perry, Sue Wilson, Bill McGroarty, Parma Jewett, Marijke Dollois, Pat Farmer, John Beaty, Bill Branthoover, Sally Newton.

Scott Perry called the Meeting to order at 5:35 PM with a Vermont Quiz.

Recognition of visitors: None

1.    Minutes of 06/14/07:
Parma made a Motion, seconded by Bill McGroarty to approve the Minutes as written; the Motion was unanimously approved.

2.    Treasurer’s Report:
The July 19, 2007 Treasurer’s Report was presented follows:

        Checking Account    $    5,723.45*
        Lalia Pratt Hays Scholarship CD    6,536.57 @ 4.21% matures 08/01/07
        Capital Improvement CD    1,709.03 @ 2.28% matures 09/02/07

Heaton House Mortgage     $25,294.72 @ 6.49% fixed ($210.15 per month)
*    Includes $3,000.00 anonymous gift

$1,000.00 from the auction proceeds were put into the Capital Improvement Fund, $1,500.00 was put towards principal reduction of the mortgage and $100.00 in the name of the Beemer Family was put in the Stained Glass Windows Fund.
The $3,000.00 anonymous gift came without any stipulations. It was decided to put $1,000.00 into the Capital Improvement Fund and $500.00 in the Stained Glass Windows Fund.

Bill McGroarty made a Motion, seconded by Pat Farmer to approve the Treasurer’s Reports for July as presented; the Motion was unanimously approved.

Bill McGroaty made a Motion, seconded by Bill Branthoover to use $1,000.00 from the Capital Improvement Fund to pay for placement of lexon on the two remaining windows and to put the $700.00 currently held in the Stained Glass Windows Fund in a 9-month CD; the Motion was unanimously approved.

3.    Membership Update:
Marijke reported that the paid membership as of July 19 is 184 members with total contributions received $8,804.00. This includes 15 new members. A reminder letter was sent out on July 13th.

4.    Old Business –

A.    Ongoing Projects/Events:
    1)    Concerts – the first concert on July 14th was very successful with a good attendance.
    2)    Speakers – an Abenaki presentation was briefly discussed.
    3)    Elder’s Night - Sally has lined up Bill Branthoover, Sonny and Lois Lumbra, Dora Hurtubise and Billy Cabana. She will contact Warren and Agatha Blodgett to round out the group. The project will take place Saturday, Sept. 8th at the Town Hall with a proposed time of 4 PM.
    4)    Art Show – no further report.
B.    Pratt Hall
    1.    The hour hand on the front face of the clock needs to be repaired. Scott will work with Rocky on this.
2.    Evaluation Grants for Pratt Hall and Heaton House – no further report
3.    NRHP plaque has been ordered and should arrive shortly.
C.    Archives – Zack donated a reprint of an article on The Rocks that appeared in Providence (RI) Journal on July 9, 1997. Bill B. brought up the auction that was held in southern Vermont of items stored at the Baptist Church. He will contact members of the church to see if there are any items left that would be on Montgomery interest.

D.    Jim Pratt’s memorial service will take place of Saturday, July 21st with a graveside service at 2:30 PM and a Methodist Church Service at Pratt Hall at 3:30 PM followed by refreshments on the porch of the toy factory house.

E.    Fundraising Events: Annual Meeting/Auction –
        Sue reported a net income of the auction of $3,394.48 and a $105.42 profit from the annual meeting.
F.    Donations Stained Glass Window Fund – see Treasurer’s Report above.

G.    Annual Meeting – see Fundraising Events above.

H.    Plaques – Pat presented the “Business Partners” plaque which will be placed in the front entrance.
    A “Windows Patrons” plaque will be prepared; currently the contributors are Bill Branthoover, the Beemer Family and anonymous.

I.    Painting Party – Marijke will contact Noela to set up a time and date for painting the walls above the “brown” sections. There is considerable damage to the “brown” section; Bill McG will contact Joe Smith for his professional input.

J.    Insurance – Sue contacted the Vermont Historical Society and Vermont Galleries & Museum Alliance. She now has the name of an insurance company in Middlebury that covers up to $1 MM insurance on collections. The MHS would need two insurance policies – one on the building and one on the collections which includes the stained glass windows.

5.    New Business:

A.    Newsletter – Scott prepared the newsletter for non-email members; Marijke provided address labels.

B.    Anonymous donor – see Treasurer’s Report above

C.    Alex Chirelstein – Scott sent a condolence letter to his parents.

d.    Others –
    1.    Marijke asked permission to purchase a gardenhose hanger from Gardeners’ Supply at a cost of $19.95; the request was approved on a Motion by Scott, seconded by Parma.
    2.    Bill B. and Parma will put new items in the showcase up front.
    3.    Carol McGregor has trimmed the muogo pine next to the steps. It was discussed to ask the Garden Club for their suggestions and help to develop a plan of plantings around the steps; this would be a project for next year.

6.    Adjourn:  Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke Dollois