Unapproved Minutes of Meeting
July 13, 2006

Board Members present:
Scott Perry, Sue Wilson, Marijke Dollois, Parma Jewett and Sally Newton

Visitor present:    James Ouellette

Scott opened the Meeting at 5:40 PM.

James gave a brief overview of the painting project and the problems he has run into:
- rotten clapboards on the rear of the building
- various spots of rot in the clock tower around the louvers and clockface

He suggested to retain the lift for another week at an additional cost of Ý $1,100.

The Board members present discussed the situation. Brad Elliott will replace the clapboards; he will also be able to do some of the other carpentry repairs. Scott will contact Tim Murphy about some of the more intricate repairs.

Sally made a Motion, seconded by Sue to replace the rotten clapboard on the back of the building, retain the lift for another week and to contact Mark Larivee about replacement of the lights in the clocktower. The Motion was unanimously approved.

Sue will present an up-to-date treasurer's report at the next meeting.

Marijke will prepare labels to send out the quarterly newsletter to all non-email members. There are currently 151 members (12 new) for a total membership of $7,267.  It was decided to prepare a reminder letter to those who have not renewed.

Old Business:

The Covered Bridges Mailboxes project is a great success with the bidding total so far about $1,500.

Concerts:  the attendance (51) at the Stockwell Brothers concert was disappointing. The press release did not appear in The County Courier which may have contributed to the low number. The next concert will be July 29th - Green Mountain Chorus.

Speakers: Sally announced that Bill Branthoover will do a presentation on the history of Montgomery sometime September/early October.

Art Show: Parma will contact Heidi Lague to discuss mailing invitations to participating artists.

Special exhibit: On July 28th there will be a preview of Bill Branthoover's collection of Clayton Fuller photographs and postcards.

It was decided to send out postcard invitations to all members to announce the Members Only previews to the Clayton Fuller exhibit and Art Show.

New Business:

Isaiah Patterson will help Scott to enter the MHS collection information in the computer and create a database. Another young man will help remove the brush. This help is part of the community service program required by their high schools.

Scott would like to discuss an amendment to the MHS By-laws at the next meeting.

There being no further business, the Meeting adjourned at 6:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke M. Dollois