Unapproved Minutes of Meeting
Pratt Hall
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 @ 5:30 PM


Board Members and Members Present:    
Scott Perry, Sue Wilson, Sally Newton, Parma Jewett, Jo Anne Bennett, Bill Branthoover, Pat Farmer, Marijke Dollois

Scott Perry called the Meeting to order at 5:35 PM.

Show and Tell: 
a)    Rita Tatro donated a butter tub made by the Nelson Hall Company of Montgomery Center where her husband, Manny Tatro, worked.
b)    Scott/Parma obtained a Victrola packing crate on E-bay for $50.00. This crate was manufactured approx. 1920’s in Montgomery Center by the Atlas Plywood Company. This is the first-time ever that the MHS purchased an item for their collection. Bill Branthoover’s nephew will bring it with him from Ohio.
c)    Douglas Butler of Shrewsbury, MA sent a letter with a Polaroid of a decorative cloth which was made at the time of his parent’s engagement (1916?); it is signed by 18 women of Montgomery. Bill B. will contact him to let him know the MHS is interested in acquiring.

Recognition of visitors: Noela McGroarty, André and Rosalia LaBier

1.    Minutes of 05/21/08: Pat made a Motion, seconded by Jo Anne to approve the Minutes of 05/21/08 as written.  The Motion was unanimously approved.

2.    Treasurer’s Report:
        Checking Account    $    6,664.26
        Lalia Pratt Hays Scholarship CD    6,814.86 @ 1.74% - matures 11/06/08
        Capital Improvement CD    1,857.63 @ 1.74% - matures 12/10/08
        Stained Glass Window fund CD    5,508.29 @ 1.74% - matures 10/24/08
        Heaton House Mortgage     $23,967.74 @ 6.49% fixed ($210.15 per month)

Parma made a Motion, seconded by Sally to approve the Treasurer’s Report of 06/19/08*. The Motion was unanimously approved.

* A complete treasurer’s report was submitted 06/19/08 including interest rates and dates of maturity at the request of board members.

3.    Membership Update:
Marijke reported the following:
    159 members - $ 7,835.00
        9 new members
        8 members who donated $100+
    Median donation: $25.00
    Mean donation: $49.00

4.    Old Business –

A.    June 20-22 History Expo – Scott prepared 6 panels showing the manufacturing process of 3-pply hardwood veneer at the Atlas Plywood Company in Montgomery Center – general context, manufacturing process, pictures of products and epilogue. There will be books to sell, membership cards and a handout of the exhibit.  

B.    June 27th Annual Meeting – Marijke will send an additional invitation to Rita Tatro. Marijke and Noela will get glasses from The Grange and set up the tables, etc.

C.    July 5, 19 and Aug. 17 concert dates –  Flyers announcing concert details and subscription form were mailed to the membership on June 16th.

D.    August 22-24 Art Show/Member Appreciation Evening – Noela sent out 50 letters to local artists and received 16 responses. She will contact Winston Lewis regarding publicity. Parma will prepare an item for the raffle, make a banner and prepare the food for the member appreciation evening. Member invitation will be mailed by July 22nd. Noela will prepare name tags for the attending artists.

E.    Speakers – the date of the Abenaki presentation has been changed to October 4th. Sharon Anderson will display a 19’ wigwam on the lawn during the afternoon and prepare Abenaki food.

F.        Pratt Hall/Heaton House – Scott will contact Brad Elliott to remove the chimneys on the Heaton House and patch the roof, and remove the small window in the Pratt Hall tower.

G.    Insurance coverage – Sue paid the annual insurance fee with Hall Insurance Co. Scott will contact VGMA re insurance rates for the stained glass windows.
H.    Scholarship – Scholarships will be given to Jordan Cota and Hayley Williams. Both will be invited, along with their parents, to the Annual Meeting on June 27th. 
I.    New Board Members – No further report.

5.    New Business:  
    A.    Betty Stanton – Betty has been in touch with Scott by e-mail regarding a presentation of rural life in Montgomery around 1900; she has many photographs and letters. The Board felt the library would be a more intimate venue for this type of presentation.  If agreeable with the library’s schedule, the date will be August 16th. Scott will contact the library board.

6.    Adjourn:
        Noela moved and Jo Anne seconded a motion to adjourn at 7:00 P.M.  Said motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke M. Dollois