Unapproved Minutes of Meeting

The MHS Board meeting was held May 18, 2005, at Pratt Hall, Montgomery Village.

Present:     Scott Perry, Sue Wilson, Parma Jewett, Marijke Dollois, Barbara Nye, Sabra Massey, Bill McGroarty, Winston Lewis, Bill and Margaretta Branthoover.

At 5:40 PM Scott Perry called the Meeting to order.

Scott presented “This day in history….”

1.    Minutes – Marijke Dollois made a Motion, seconded by Winston Lewis to accept the Minutes of the April 14, 2005 meeting as written; the Motion was unanimously approved.

2.    Treasurer’s Report – Barb Nye reported that the checking account balance is $3,984.74, CD balance is $23,830.00. Sabra Massey made a Motion, seconded by Sue Wilson to accept the Treasurer’s Report as written; the Motion was unanimously approved. This is Barb’s last meeting; Sue Wilson will be the Treasurer as of the Annual Meeting on June 17th. Scott thanked Barb for her support and all her work and monthly treasurer’s reports.

3.    Membership Update – Marijke Dollois reported that the membership to-date is 117 with $5,167.00 received. She provided Scott with a comparative report for the years 2001-2005 as well as a list of new members for this year (14).

3.    Old Business –

    a)    Concerts – Sabra asked for guidance as to what type of music and groups should be considered. It was agreed that it was necessary to contain the costs of groups this year in view of the fact that very little grant money is available at this time. There should be a good mix of music, different from other years – a more eclectic selection. It was realized that some groups might be more expensive, but that would be off-set by others. Also, the possibility of free admission or admission at a reduced price was discussed, but no decision taken at this time. Scott gave her a CD by Thomas Leshinsky (guitarist). Another group to be considered is a barbershop quartet. Sabra mentioned the possibility of a quintet from Michigan (?) to perform classical music; they would need the availability of a piano. Their performance would be sometime in December. John Beaty has offered to help Sabra. 
    b)    Special projects/events
        1)    History Expo June 25/26 at Tunbridge, VT – Parma Jewett has sent an e-mail for everyone on the Board asking for time to be volunteered at the Fair. Scott and Sharon Perry confirmed to do the Sunday 9-12 timeslot. Other members will get back to Parma.
        2)    Community History Project –Bill reported that the students are working on a script and plan to do the video-taping sometime in August. The project is moving along.
        3)    Memorial Day Commemoration – Sunday, May 29th at 10:30 AM at Hill West Cemetery. Josh Potvin will be the speaker with Marge and Jill Cummings singing the national anthem.
        4)    Annual Meeting/Dinner – Friday, June 17th at 6:00 PM. Sue Wilson provided a suggested menu prepared by Tosca. Marijke will prepare the invitations to be mailed. 
        5)    Art Show & Raffle – No further action.
        6)    2006 calendar – Parma asked for input for a title; Scott suggested “A town is more than bricks and mortar.” The format, cost and quantity of the calendar will be the same as last year.
        7)    Covered Bridges Festival – Parma reported she has had no problems getting sponsors or artists, but is still looking for a carpenter. She will contact Dan Malloy.
        8)    Weddings – confirmations have been received for 06/25, 07/23 and 08/13 and a memorial service on 07/31.
        9)    Carols & Candles, Sunday, December 18th – no action

    c)    Pratt Hall –
        1)    Scott e-mailed to all Board members a proposed Use Policy and Fees for rental of Pratt Hall.
        A Motion was made by Sue Wilson, seconded by Parma Jewett to accept said Use Policy effective June 1st. The Motion was unanimously approved.
    2)    Clean up inside and outside – all done
    d)    More Board Members – no action
      e)    Display space – no action
    f)    Budget – no action
    g)    New Board members – no action
    h)    Scholarships – Marijke reported that 2 scholarship applications have been received; the deadline is May 31st.  Barb will e-mail the amounts awarded in the past two years to use as a guideline.

3.    New Business –

    a)    Bill Branthoover asked for help setting up exhibits for the summer. He has brought his Fuller photograph collection (±300-400) and his collection of signatures by Vermont governors (±40). Sue and Parma offered to help.
    b)    Marijke reported that Jeff Gawne of the Pond Store has some ideas about plantings around Pratt Hall. Scott said that the MHS would be interested, but that a formal proposal with costs would have to be presented.
    c)    Scott presented the invitation by the Covered Bridges Garden Club extended to all Board members for the official dedication of the plantings on the Village Green on Sunday, June 12th at 4:00 PM.
    d)    The next meeting will be the Annual Meeting at The Grange on Friday, June 17th at 6:00 PM.

4. There being no further business, the Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke M. Dollois