Unapproved Minutes of Meeting
May 10, 2007


Board Members Present:    
    Scott Perry, Sue Wilson, Bill McGroarty, Parma Jewett, Marijke Dollois, Pat Farmer, Heidi Lague, Sally Newton.

Scott Perry called the Meeting to order at 5:40 PM.

Scott presented a history quiz, Montgomery Toy Factory prototype donated by Barry Domina, and old tax maps.

Recognition of visitors: Morgan Vaillancourt, Heidi’s son

1.    Minutes of 03/08/07:
Sue Wilson made a Motion, seconded by Heidi Lague to approve the Minutes as written; the Motion was unanimously approved. (There were no Minutes for the April 12th meeting as there was no quorum.)

2.    Treasurer’s Report:
The April 6, 2007 Treasurer’s Report was presented follows:

        Checking Account    $    1,186.01
        Lalia Pratt Hays Scholarship CD    6,469.73 @ 4.21%
        Capital Improvement CD    2,694.31 @ 2.30%

Heaton House Mortgage     $26,978.73 @ 6.49% fixed ($210.15 per month)
        Line of Credit     $ 5,000.00 @ 10.25% adjustable

    The May 10, 2007 Treasurer’s Report was presented as follows:

        Checking Account    $    2,255.04
        Lalia Pratt Hays Scholarship CD    6,491.69 @ 4.21%
        Capital Improvement CD    2,699.35 @ 2.28%
Heaton House Mortgage     $26,919.35 @ 6.49% fixed ($210.15 per month)
Line of Credit     $  2,500.00 @ 10.25% adjustable

(Note this does not reflect a deposit of $960.00 received by that date but not yet deposited)

Sally made a Motion, seconded by Bill to approve the Treasurer’s Reports for April and May as presented; the Motion was unanimously approved.

3.    Membership Update: No report.
Marijke reported that the paid membership as of May 10 is 139 members with total contributions received $6,938.00. This includes 11 new members and 21 members who donated $100 or more.

4.    Old Business –

A.    Ongoing Projects/Events:
    1)    Concerts – no further action. Sue recommended that Scott prepare a letter in the name of Steve and re-submit his grant application package requesting a $3,000 donation towards the concert series. Scott suggested we ask Tony Whedon to perform outside of the scheduled concert series prepared by Steve.
    2)    Speakers – Abnaki presentation: Sally will ask Sharon Anderson for support.
    3)    Summer project – Elder’s Night: Sally has discussed Elder’s Night with JoAnne Bennett and a September 8th date is tentatively scheduled.
    4)    Art Show – August 25th 9 AM-5 PM and August 26th 10 AM – 2 PM, with a reception by invitation for guests and artists on Friday, August 24th. It was decided to change the participation fee for artists from $15 to $20.
    5)    Memorial Day – May 28th at 10 AM at the Clapp Cemetery in Montgomery Village. Sue suggested contacting Aaron Grossman as speaker and Heidi will ask her mother to sing.
    6)    Scholarship – Marijke sent letters to 12 Montgomery graduating students and respective guidance counselors at the high schools. Lois Lumbra will also put an announcement in her column in the County Courier for 2 weeks. Rita Kalsmith will organize a committee to review the applications.

B.    Pratt Hall
    1)    Pratt Hall
        a)    Some of the plexiglass has blown off the windows. It was discussed to replace the plexiglass on at least one window. Sue will contact Portland Glass for pricing. No further information as to the donation to be made by Dee Pratt.
        b)    The water has been turned on.
    2)    Heaton House – step at entrance has been repaired.
C.    TD Banknorth Grant – Grant application has been declined. Will try for a concert series grant instead.

D.    Workday – Saturday, June 2nd at 9:00 AM. Pat’s stepson will pull out stumps; rest of the area will have to be roto-tilled and re-seeded. Sue will contact Poulin Lumber (moving to Enosburg) for paint supplies to redo the interior walls.

E.    Fundraising Chair/Events
    1)    Annual Meeting/Auction –
        Sue, Marijke, Parma and Bill will meet with Mark Waterhouse on May 19th at 3 PM at the Heaton House to review items to be auctioned off.
    2)    DVD/VHS “Life in Franklin County” now available at Lutz’s Automotive, Town Clerk’s office and at Marijke’s.
F.    Donations – Stained Glass Windows Fund: No report

G.    Annual Meeting – Marijke will prepare and send out invitations to all 2006-2007 members. It was decided to keep the price at $12.00. The invitation will also mention the auction and upcoming concerts. Parma will prepare the food. She also suggested displaying enlarged copies of her postcard collection. It was agreed to do at least 30 postcards. Parma was asking about the West Hill map donated by Ken Cota; she would like to have this framed and displayed as well. Montgomery 5th grade students will be visiting Pratt Hall this week; if possible, they will make a presentation at the Meeting.

H.    Plaques – Pat has enquired about the cost of brass plates for the plaques; Extreme Graphics has provided the best pricing. It was discussed to have a plaque for business patrons and the Stained Glass Window Fund. Marijke will prepare a temporary listing of the business partners to display at the annual meeting.

5.    New Business:

James Ouellette – no report

6.    Adjourn:  Meeting adjourned at 7:03 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke Dollois