Unapproved Minutes of Meeting

PRESENT: Scott Perry, Sabra Massey, Sue Wilson, Parma Jewett, and Barbara Nye

Minutes of April 14, 2005 meeting held at Public Safety Building

Meeting called to order at 5:35 p.m. by Scott Perry

Review of this month in history.  

1.  Parma Jewett made a motion to accept the minutes of the 3/10/05 meeting, seconded by Sue Wilson.

2.  Treasurer's Report was accepted as written.  Motion by Sabra Massey and seconded by Parma Jewett.

3.  There was discussion about the May 18th Speaker   Kevin Gaffagino 7:00 PM at Pratt Hall.  We will move our Board meeting to 5:30 on that date at Pratt Hall.  On September 21st - Joe Citro "Spiritualism in Vermont: Religion,Politics, and the Preternatural" at the Library. The Abraham Lincoln impersonator will be at Pratt Hall on October 19th.

4.  Parma discussed the History Expo at Tunbridge on June 24 - 26 weekend. She is looking for volunteers to help man the booth.

5.  The Antiques Road Show made $217.00 and expenses were 215.00.  The Road Show will continue again next year.

6.  Membership update - we have 85 members to date

7.  Annual Meeting all set for Friday, June 17th at 6:00pm at Grange Hall. Tosca Smith is catering.  She will get us a menu by the next meeting.

8.  Fees for use of the Pratt Hall were discussed. :Non-members $250.00 from October   - April with a $100.00 deposit.   From May - September $200.00 with a 100.00 deposit.  Members are $50.00 less.  Free tp Montgomery Civic Groups and Non-profits.  Motion made by Sabra and seconded by Barbara Nye to accept.

9.  Meeting adjourned 7:10 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Suzanne M.Wilson