Unapproved Minutes of Meeting

The MHS Board meeting was held March 10, 2005, at the Public Safety Building, Montgomery Center.
Present: Scott Perry, Sue Wilson, Parma Jewett, Marijke Dollois, Barbara Nye, Sabra Massey, JoAnne Bennett, John Beaty, and Bill McGroarty.

At 5:40 PM Scott Perry called the Meeting to order.

Scott presented “This day in history….”

Scott mentioned that no action has yet been taken on the map donated by Ken Cota. He will trace the map before bringing it to Burlington for reproduction.

1.    Minutes - Sue Wilson made a Motion, seconded by Parma Jewett to accept the Minutes of the February 10, 2005 meeting as written; the Motion was unanimously approved.

2.    Treasurer’s Report – Barb Nye reported that funds had been received for a third wedding scheduled at Pratt Hall. The $2,000 agreed upon at the last meeting has been transferred to a CD to be used for future capital improvements and repairs. There is still $193.64 in Elm Tree Project fund. The checking account balance is $4,186.89, CD balance is $19,802.68, plus the $2,000 as previously mentioned. Sue Wilson made a Motion, seconded by Parma Jewett to accept the Treasurer’s Report as written; the Motion was unanimously approved.

3.    Old Business –

    a)    Concerts – Sabra presented a proposal prepared by Andrew Massey for a one-week music summer festival beginning next year. This summer the program would be similar as in the past – it was suggested to have three concerts: one each in July, August and September. Richard and Kristin Beene (bassoon and oboe) have been confirmed for a concert; date to be determined. The deadline for the grant application for the Vermont Council on the Arts program was missed; however, other avenues of funding will be pursued. Sabra has been in touch with Steve Hays regarding sponsorships. Marijke will provide Sabra with a list of past sponsors and donations received. Sue W. will contact Dick Harper of the Franklin County Arts Council to get information regarding grants and performers. It was agreed to provide a varied program – classical, jazz, celtic, if possible.
    b)    Speakers – no update;

    c)    Special projects/events

        1)    History Expo June 25/26 at Tunbridge, VT – Ruth Little and Jessica Dillner, members of the Montgomery Fiber Group, will be demonstration spinning on antique spinning wheels and have some of their products available for sale. Small farm tools are being gathered and will be labeled for the exhibition. Parma will prepare a schedule for volunteers to sign up for set up and manning of the booth. Other items to be sold: Montgomery book, postcards, calendars and Christmas ornaments.

        2)    Antiques Evening of Appraisal & Sales (changed from: Antiques Road Show) – April 9th, 7-9 PM at the Grange, $5.00 admission.  No action taken.

        3)    Community History Project – John and Bill reported that Sue Zeinith-Collins (teacher) is now the school liaison. Both Barb and Scott had received bills/invoices. At Scott's request Marijke researched previous MHS minutes and invoices received – the following is a synopsis:

            At a Feb. 26, 2004 meeting the MHS board approved $765 in matching funds for this project. There is no mention in the minutes where the other funds would be coming from.

            According to our records, the following monies have been allocated to this project:

            Approved MHS funds        $ 765.00
            Proceeds of sale of 2 photographs donated by Bill Killon at the 06/04 annual meeting  $345.00
            Total:  $1,110.00

            Expenses to date:
                Tape recorder                     $ 252.50   
                Mike stand/condenser         $ 126.06 
                Staples supplies                 $    62.05 
                Headphones                       $    79.99 
                        $ 510.60
                 Bill Killon – VT Folklife workshop  $ 65.00
                 Total:    $ 575.60

                  Balance: $ 534.40

            Invoice received from Charles Henderson:
                Scanner and software $193.59
                  Balance:    $340.81

            Invoice received from Bill Killon
                Film, Prints, & Mileage $440.28

                  Balance:    ($  99.47)

            It was decided by the Board to hold approval of payment of the last two invoices until clarification is made and determined to the best of our ability what, if any, additional expenses are anticipated. 

            Scott will also talk with Charles to clarify who will have ownership of the equipment and supplies after the project is completed. 

            Note:  At a May 13, 2004 meeting the Board approved $400 for pictures of bridges and/or stained glass windows in addition to the funds for the Community History Project.
        4)    Memorial Day Commemoration – Sunday, May 29th at 10:30 AM at Hill West Cemetery; Flyers will be distributed in town and announcement made in church. Scott suggested asking Josh Potvin to be the speaker.

        5)    Annual Meeting/Dinner – Friday, June 17th at 6:00 PM. All arrangements have been made and confirmed. Tosca will provide a menu in May for approval. 

        6)    Art Show & Raffle – No further action.

        7)    2006 calendar – Parma will be preparing a 2006 calendar featuring Montgomery buildings; it will be ready for sale at the annual meeting, Vermont Expo at Tunbridge and at other venues.

        8)    Covered Bridges Festival – Parma has already received three checks – Cottonwood Quilts, Montgomery Properties and Parma Jewett Appraisal. Two other sponsors have verbally committed. Clem Rogers has agreed to build the mailboxes. Each mailbox will have a small plaque with the name of the sponsor and artist; a booklet will be prepared listing a bio of each sponsor and artist. Parma asked Sabra to work on a letter to be sent to the artists.

        9)    Weddings – confirmations have been received for 06/25, 07/23 and 08/13.

        10)    Carols & Candles – a tentative date has been set for December 18th at 5 PM; Andrew Massey has been asked to lead the program.

        11)  Bill Killon will be presenting his photographs of covered bridges and the stained glass windows at Pratt Hall this coming Saturday, March 12th at 6:00 PM at the Library, sponsored by the MHS.

    d)    Membership – Marijke received an additional 45 names of new home owners from Sharon Perry. These have been added to the MHS mailing list (578 names and addresses). Scott presented two letters for review – one to solicit new members and one for old members to renew. Marijke will prepare mailing labels for both groups. She also presented a proposal for a revised contribution card and will have it printed at either Kinko’s or Staples. The letters will be mailed the week of March 28th.

    e)    Pratt Hall – Scott, Sue and Marijke met with Aaron Blouin of Hull Insurance Agency to review the MHS current policy; it was determined that the building is vastly underinsured. There are no special riders available for the stained glass windows or bell-tower. The insurance agent requested that the MHS provide him with a list of all events taking place at Pratt Hall – a calendar is now available on-line. Each special event will require a policy rider which will cost ± $100. Scott has prepared a draft contract for review and discussion at the next meeting to be used for rental of Pratt Hall for weddings. He also proposed an increase in rental to possibly $500 which would include the cost of the $100 liability rider. John Beaty expressed his concern that the cost of rental and other usage of the building seem to be driven by additional insurance. He also felt that the requirement of “no alcohol use” should be reviewed and further discussed. 

    f)    More Board Members – Scott spoke to Jonathan Betts and had invited him to this meeting. Parma will talk to Lisa Chaffee and Marijke will ask Mark or Michael from Trout River Traders to see if either of them is interested in joining the Board.

   h)    Display space - Nothing to report at this time.

    i)    Budget – No action

3.    New Business –

    a)    Bill Killon bill –discussed under the Community History project above
    b)    Newsletter input –discussed under membership above

4. There being no further business, the Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke M. Dollois