Unapproved Minutes of Meeting
March 9 & 28, 2006

Board Members Present: Scott Perry, Marijke Dollois, Sabra Massey, Bill McGroarty, Sue Wilson.

Scott Perry called the Meeting to order at 5:37 PM.

Scott presented "This month in history ... " 206th birthday of Montgomery

Show and Tell
Scott presented the slide show of old Montgomery photographs and quotes from Marge Goodspeed's diary that were shown at Town Meeting.

1.     February Minutes - the following corrections were made:
    Under Scott presented "1864 Beatles ... " s/b1964
    Under Show and Tell, second line - delete "the of'
    Under 2. Treasurer's Report - should read" ... Sabra to approved Treasurer's Report ... " (not Minutes).
    Under Old Business, Parag. 2, fourth line, delete "the approved".
Under B. Pratt Hall, second line" ... decided to remove the spruce tree ... " was changed to " ... discussed to remove ..."

Bill made a Motion, seconded by Sabra to approve the February Minutes as amended; the Motion passed unanimously.

2.     Treasurer's Report-
Sue reported that there is enough money in the checking account to cover one more month of expenses. If no further monies are received she will transfer cash from the capital investment CD if necessary. Sabra made a Motion, seconded by Bill to approve the Treasurer’s Report as written; the motion passed unanimously.

3.    Membership update - Marijke reported no new memberships were received. She added about 20 new names/addresses to the mailing list as provided by Sharon Perry. Scott is working on the membership drive letter and he suggested including the Michael Domina postcard with the mailing as a bonus.

4.    Old business:
    A.     Ongoing Projects/Events:
        1.    Community History Program - Scott asked Sue Zeineth-Collins for her input. She felt it was a worthwhile project and that the kids enjoyed working on it. She had high praise for Bill Killon as well as the MHS Board Members who helped out. Scott suggested a premiere of the project at Pratt Hall.

        2.    Covered Bridges Mailboxes - all mailboxes have been given to the artists. Sue will get a list to Scott of all artists and sponsors. Marijke prepared an auction sign-up sheet which will accompany each mailbox displayed. Bidding will also be available on the internet through the MHS e-mail address. Scott will keep an up-to-date bid list on the MHS website - it will show highest bid and date only; no names.

        3.    Concerts - Sabra reported a revised cost of $700 for the Green Mountain Chorus (Barbershop Group). This will include $100 to cover transportation cost for the performance on July 29th. (Last year's total cost was $500.00). Steve will be contacted regarding other concerts, sponsorships, ticket prices, etc. Sue made a Motion, seconded by Marijke to authorize Sabra to sign the contract as written with GMC; the Motion passed unanimously.

        4.    Speakers - Sally Newton and Charles Henderson are working on a speaker's list; they have a possible speaker for May but no further information is available as to date.

        5.    Memorial Day - the date has not yet been confirmed; it will take place at St. Isidore's cemetery.
        6.    Annual Meeting - the Covered Bridges Garden Club will have their annual meeting on the same day - ¬June 10th, however, it was decided not to change the MHS annual meeting date as everything (tents, Tosca, supplies, etc.) has already been lined up.

        7.    Art Show - no information.

        8.    Scholarships - Marijke presented the letter for the students, application form and description of the Lalia Pratt Hays Scholarship. Some minor changes were made to the letter. The committee will consist of Bill McGroarty, Sabra Massey, and Michelle Legault. Scott will contact Sue Zeineth-Collins to be part of the committee. Marijke will send out the letter to the graduating students. The deadline for the scholarship is May 15th• A notification of the availability of the scholarship to all Montgomery graduating students, including homeschooled students, will be sent to Lois Lumbra to make the announcement in her weekly column in the County Courier.

    B.    Pratt Hall
        1.    Barry East declined the job of the repainting of the front of Pratt Hall as it would be too large a project for him. Sue will contact Michael Perry and Jeff Gonya for their estimate.

        2.    Spruce tree - It was decided to have it evaluated by an expert before making the decision on whether to trim or cut it down.

5.    New business:

    A.    Brochure - Marijke received two quotes from Regal Art Press - one for printing from the existing film and one
    for scanning in the text, photos, etc. It was agreed to get two more quotes - one from L&G Printing and one from
    the St. Albans Messenger.

    B.    Short notice request to use Pratt Hall - it was decided to charge $100 for small parties, no heat, no water.

    C.    Rental of Heaton house - Suzanne Dollois asked for the cost of rental for I month this summer. Scott advised her that the minimum would be $500. Liability insurance will be necessary; Sue will look into that. Sabra expressed safety concerns regarding proper electric wiring. Scott will contact Ken Whitehead to take a look at the building and get an estimate on the cost of bringing the wiring up to grade. Sue will contact Mark Larivee regarding the plumbing.

    D.    Rolf Anderson contacted Scott regarding the use of Pratt Hall for a May 5th campership fundraiser (a French Canadian music presentation). It was decided not to charge him for this event.

Adjourn - Sabra made a Motion, seconded by Bill to adjourn at 7:20 PM; the Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke Dollois


MARCH 28, 2007 Special Meeting

Board Members Present:    
    Scott Perry, JoAnne Bennett, Marijke Dollois, Parma Jewett, Sabra Massey, Sue Wilson.

Scott Perry called the Meeting to order at 5:37 PM.

A.    Financial review – we’re broke!

B.    Pratt Hall
        Jim Ouellette presented the following quote for painting Pratt Hall this summer; he also discussed the process, type of paint used and showed photographs of previous work done:
            a.    Steeple and front     -     $5,365
            b.    Sides and back     -    $2,580
            c.    Reglazing    -    $1,170
            d.    Windows & louvers    -    $   480
            Total:    -    $9,600

    Sue made a Motion to do the whole project and borrow $10,000 against the line of credit (monthly payments
    would be ±$80.00). Parma seconded the Motion and it was unanimously approved.
C.    New house – Scott and Sue investigated costs to upgrade the wiring and plumbing as follows:
        1.    Plumbing – one man week labor
                a.    Move hot water heater, re-vent, gas connection
                b.    PEX pipe to replace black tubing
                c.    Proper venting of drain
                d.    New toilet & tank
                e.    Check all gas lines and connections
        2.    Electrical – one man week labor
                a.    Move service panel to basement
                b.    Install system ground
                c.    Check/ground all receptacles
                d.    GFCI switch/outlets in kitchen and bath
                e.    Remove old wiring
                f.    Install cover plates
                g.    Check ceiling fan wiring.

The cost of this work would be ±$4,000 to make house liveable and safe. It was decided to table the decision until next meeting.

D.    Other:
Sue made a Motion, seconded by Sabra to move the flagbrackets to the back wall before the art show or possibly before the first wedding that will take place at Pratt Hall this year. The Motion was unanimously approved.

Adjourn – Sabra made a Motion, seconded by Sue to adjourn at 7:00 PM; the Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke Dollois