Unapproved Minutes of Meeting
March 8, 2007


Board Members Present:    
    Scott Perry, Sue Wilson, John Beaty, JoAnne Bennett, Marijke Dollois, Pat Farmer, Sally Newton.

Scott Perry called the Meeting to order at 5:40 PM.

Scott presented a history quiz and a newspaper clipping about Black Falls Road in the 1890’s received from the St. Albans Historical Society.

Recognition of visitors: None

1.    Minutes of 02/08/07:
John Beaty made a Motion, seconded by Pat Farmer to approve the Minutes as written; the Motion was unanimously approved.

2.    Treasurer’s Report:
The March Treasurer’s Report was presented follows:

        Checking Account    $    354.61
        Lalia Pratt Hays Scholarship CD    6,447.11 @ 4.21%
        Capital Improvement CD    605.53 @ 2.30%
        Anonymous Donor CD    5,082.11 @ 2.30%

Heaton House Mortgage     $27,052.32 @ 6.49% fixed
        Line of Credit     $ 8,000.00 @ 10.25% adjustable

    Sue reported that no payments have been made to the Line of Credit, only interest of $65 per month. She recommended reducing the Anonymous CD by $3,000 to pay-down the Line of Credit and move the balance to the Capital Improvement CD.

JoAnne made a Motion, seconded by Pat to approve the Treasurer’s Report for March as presented; the Motion was amended by Sue, seconded by Sally to reduce the Anonymous CD by $3,000 to pay-down the Line of Credit and move the balance to the Capital Improvement CD. The Amended Motion was unanimously approved.

3.    Membership Update: No report.
Envelopes and membership cards have been ordered; Scott presented the proposed letter for the upcoming membership drive; it was approved with some minor changes. Sue offered to have the letter copied at her office.

4.    Old Business –

A.    Ongoing Projects/Events:
    1)    Concerts – no further action. Steve is aware of the jazz concert to be held in July in memory of Jim Pratt.
    2)    Speakers – no report. Scott mentioned that André LaBier has been making presentation about the US Marshall Service which could be a possibility; this presentation would be free of charge.

B.    Pratt Hall
    1)    Clock – The cable that activates the striker is broken. Rocky will be asked to repair.
    2)    Scott suggested to retain Brad Elliott as a back-up to Rocky and for minor repairs.
C.    TD Banknorth Grant – Scott will be presenting a grant application in the amount of $27,000 to be used to forgive the loan of the Heaton House. Sue made a Motion, seconded by Sally to approve the grant application as presented; the Motion was unanimously approved.

D.    Archival Data Base – Isaiah Patterson will continue to enter the information from the second card box. He showed his work to Parma and Scott at a presentation.

E.    Fundraising Chair/Events
    1)    Annual Meeting/Auction –
        No further information. The membership drive letter will mention the auction and request donations of items – no clothing!
F.    Donations –
    Following donations were given to Sue:
        In memory of Willy Mittelstadt - $100
        Matching fund - $50
        Book order - $16.50

    Scott mentioned that there is a behest in Jim Pratt’s Will to Pratt Hall. Dee Pratt would like the funds to be used for a specific need. The Board discussed the destination of these funds; it was suggested to set up a CD (Trust) for maintenance of, and repairs to, the stained glass windows.

5.    New Business:

A.    James Ouellette – no report

B.    Membership drive – see 3. Membership Update above.

    C.    Review of Correspondence:
        1.    Federal Tax Status Form – given to Sue
        2.    Book Order – check to Sue and order to Marijke
        3.    Vermont Passport – Scott to completed form
        4.    NCSS Survey – given to Marijke
        5.    History Coonections Newsletter – presented to Board for review
        6.    Franklin County Quilt Show – presentation of historic quilts to be presented on April 7th at St. Albans Historical Society and coinciding with the annual show by the Franklin County Quilt Guild at St. Albans City Hall from 9 AM – 4 PM.

    D.    Summer Project – Elder’s Night
    This project would be a presentation of Montgomery elders discussing “Montgomery Back When” and answer questions. JoAnne and Sally agreed to work on this.

6.    Adjourn:  Meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke Dollois