Approved Minutes of Meeting

The MHS Board meeting was held February 10, 2005, at the Public Safety Building, Montgomery Center.

Present: Scott Perry, Sue Wilson, Parma Jewett, Marijke Dollois, Barbara Nye.

At 5:40 PM Scott Perry called the Meeting to order.

Scott presented “This day in history….”

1.    Barb Nye made a Motion, seconded by Sue Wilson to accept the Minutes of the December 3rd, 2004 and January 13th meetings as written; the Motion was unanimously approved.  Marijke mentioned she will get the scholarship requirements from Rita for our records.  She also informed the Board that Rita will once again send out the forms to the various schools and set up a committee to review applications.

2.    Old Business –
a)    Concerts – no update

b)    Speakers - Scott informed the Board that the following speakers have been confirmed:

1)    May 18th – Kevin Gaffagino “A Hard Founding Father to Love: Ira Allen”
2)    Sept. 21st – Joe Citro “Spiritualism in Vermont: Religion, Politics, and the Preternatural”

These programs are in development:
3)    Abraham Lincoln impersonator – TBA

4)    Fuller Photos - TBA
5)    Lighting Before Electricity

Parma agreed to head making arrangements for refreshments at these programs.
c)    Special projects/events
1)    History Expo – Theme “Farming Now and Then”; Parma and her committee have started working to obtain information.

2)    Antiques Road Show – April 19th – Arrangements for refreshments need to be made. No action taken.

3)    Community History Project – Scott informed the Board that the committee has met with Sue Zeinith-Collins (teacher) and are making progress.  It looks like it may not have as large a scope as originally planned.

4)    Memorial Day Commemoration – Sunday, May 29th at 10:30 AM at Hill West Cemetery; Scott will arrange for a speaker, Bill Branthoover will prepare the program and Parma, Sue W. and Margaretta Branthoover will do refreshments.

5)    Annual Meeting/Dinner – Friday, June 17th at 6:00 PM. Cost will be the same as last year: $23.00 including tip. Sue reported that both the Grange and Tosca have been booked for that date. Tosca will provide a menu for approval.  It was decided to sell at auction two of the mailboxes and also to purchase/ask Bill Killon to provide some of his photographs for auction again. 

6)    Art Show & Raffle – Scott has been in touch with Eric Bataille. This event will coincide with the Garden Club’s August Festival.  It was suggested to have a raffle (possibly one of the mailboxes) in order to raise funds.

7)    2006 calendar – Parma informed the Board that the 2005 calendar has sold very well and raised ±$1,000.  She will be preparing a 2006 calendar featuring Montgomery buildings.

8)    Covered Bridges Festival – Parma presented a letter prepared by Sabra Massey that will be sent out to local businesses asking for a $50 sponsorship; there are already 7-8 businesses which have committed to do so.  Clem Rogers will be asked to build 15 mailboxes (bridges).  The committee has met and drew up a list of several local businesses and artists who will be contacted.  The mailboxes will be displayed throughout Montgomery and showcased at the July 4th parade.  The Rec Center has been approached to sell some of them at their “Arts for the Park Auction” in August; no decision has been made.

d)    Membership – Nothing to report at this time.

e)    Pratt Hall – Nothing to report at this time.

f)    Treasurer’s Report – Sue made a Motion, seconded by Parma to accept the report as written. The Motion was unanimously approved.

g)    More Board Members – Scott and Marijke will contact prospective members and report back to the Board. The Board agreed any Board member needed to be a member in good standing of the Society.

h)    Display space - Nothing to report at this time.

3.    New Business –
a)    Budget – Scott presented a proposed budget for review by the Board members. Sue made a Motion, seconded by Parma to transfer $2,000 from the checking account to a 6-month no catch CD for capital improvement and repair. The Motion was unanimously approved.

b)    Pratt Hall rental policy/Prices – Lois Lumbra had a question regarding tent rental. The large, yellow tent can be used free-of-charge by any Montgomery resident. The other tents (3 small ones and 1 medium-sized one) should not be loaned out due to their fragility. Marijke will inform Lois accordingly.

c)    Membership review – Scott presented a summary of the contributions received last year. The median contibution was $25, the average contribution was nearly $40.
The Board present felt that there should be no limits set.    The membership renewal card was discussed and it was decided to delete the names of the various categories (e.g. Pratt Club, Patron, etc.). Marijke will prepare a revised contribution card for the Board’s approval.

d)    Library request – Micki Ledden, the librarian, had asked if the MHS would be interested in purchasing/donating a book on Vermont for the library.  It was decided to deny this request.

e)    Contributions – see c) above

4. Upon Motion made by Sue, seconded by Parma and unanimously approved the Board  adjourned at 6:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke M. Dollois