Unapproved Minutes of Meeting
February 9, 2006

Board Members Present:    
    Scott Perry, Marijke Dollois, John Beaty, JoAnne Bennett, Parma Jewett, Sabra Massey.

Scott Perry called the Meeting to order at 5:35 PM.

Scott presented “This month in history…”
    1865 Snowflake Bentley was born in Jericho
    1932 NO ice on Lake Champlain
    1864 Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show

Show and Tell
Scott informed the Board that a Town Map of the early 1800’s and chattel mortgage books were found in the of the Town Hall. He hopes to obtain a copy for the MHS.

Also, a folk art painting of a Morgan horse attributed to Homer Baker was found in Susan Pelletier’s barn in Montgomery Village. She will try to remove it so it can be displayed in public.

Scott further informed the Board that Winston Lewis has resigned due to her busy schedule as President of the Covered Bridges Garden Club. She hopes to rejoin at a later date.

1.    January Minutes – John made a Motion, seconded by Sabra to approve the Minutes as written; the motion passed unanimously.

2.    Treasurer’s Report - Parma made a Motion, seconded by Sabra to approve the Minutes as written; the motion passed unanimously.

3.    Membership update – Marijke reported that 3 members have already joined for 2006.

4.    Old business:

    A.    Ongoing Projects/Events:
        1.    Community History Program – Bill Killon presented raw footage of the film at a Vermont Historical Society event recently. He will be transferring the tape to a DVD.
            Parma made a Motion, seconded by JoAnne to approve payment of Bill Killon’s invoice for supplies in the amount of $266.28; the motion passed unanimously.
            The Vermont Historical Society’s website lists the Montgomery project.

        2.    Covered Bridges Mailboxes – Parma presented a handout on the project including a timeframe, letters to artists and sponsors and a budget of $250.  She has received a very good response for the project and anticipates them to be ready for sealing by May 20th.
            JoAnne made a Motion, seconded by John to approve the approved the budget of $250.00; the motion passed unanimously.

        3.    Concerts – Sabra reported that the Barbershop Group will return for a performance on July 29th. The cost will be $400.00.

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke Dollois


4.  Nothing further was reported on speakers, memorial day, the annual meeting, or scholarships.

5.  The Annual Meeting will be at Pratt Hall, outside Tapas Party, June 10, 5:30, BYOB.

     B.  Pratt Hall:  It was decided to ask Barry East to give us an estimate/advice for painting Pratt Hall.  It was also decided to remove the Spruce Tree on the Northeast side of the building before it became more of a threat to the Stained Glass windows.  Scott will get an estimate.

5.  New Business:  The Board discussed the need for a budget and to make sure expenses do not get out of hand.  They also reviewed a slide show that Scott had put together for Town Meeting to encourage folks to think about contributing memorabilia to the Society.

The meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Also respectfully submitted,
Scott Perry