Minutes of Meeting

APPROVED 2/10/05

The MHS Board meeting was held January 13, 2005, at the Public Safety Building, Montgomery Center.
Present: Scott Perry, John Beaty, Sue Wilson, Parma Jewett, Bill McGroarty, Winston Lewis, Marijke Dollois, Sabra Massey.

At 7:05 PM Scott Perry called the Meeting to order.

Scott presented “This day in history….”

Ken Cota has informed Scott that he has a pencil-drawn map of the Hill West/West Hill area drawn early 20th century, showing homes and detailing the life of the residents. He would like to donate this map to the MHS, keeping a copy for himself. The MHS is certainly interested, but no action was taken at this time.

1.    The Minutes of the previous two meetings will be finished by Parma Jewett.

2.    Scott proposed to meet regularly every second Thursday of the month at 5:30 PM at the Public Safety Building. This proposal was unanimously accepted.

3.    Request from Jesse Jones, 2nd year UVM student, for financial support to participate in a volunteer program in the Dominican Republic.  Sue Wilson made a Motion to deny the request, seconded by Winston Lewis. It was discussed to set a policy regarding such requests, as the MHS already gives two scholarships to graduating high school students. It was unanimously approved to deny this request.

    Marijke will contact Rita Kalsmith to obtain a copy of the scholarship requirements.

4.    (a)    A Motion was made by Scott Perry, seconded by Winston Lewis to formally elect the
    following officers; the Motion was unanimously approved. These officers will be the Executive Committee.

            Scott Perry – Chairman 2005-06
            Bill McGroarty – Vice-Chairman 2005-06
            Marijke Dollois – Secretary 2005-06
            Barbara Nye – Treasurer (until June 2005)
            Sue Wilson – Treasurer 2005-06

    (b)    Expenditures: Any expenditure over $150 will require the approval of the Executive Committee.

5.    Programs:

    (a)    Speakers – Chair, Charles Henderson.
        1. Frank Bryan, January 20th at the Town Library. The MHS will co-sponsor this event at a cost of $75.
        2.    Victorian lighting – TBA
        3.    Bill Branthoover – exhibit of Fuller photographs – TBA

    (b)    Music
    Andrew Massey will formulate a proposal for the summer program. Steve Hays will be contacted for his input, as the Board wants to continue the “Concerts By The Common”.

    (c)    History Expo – Theme “Farming Now and Then” at Tunbridge, VT June 25-26. Parma Jewett and Bill Branthoover will chair this event.

    (d)    Community History Project – ongoing. The MHS committee consists of Charles Henderson, Bill McGroarty and John Beaty.

    (e)    2006 Calendar – Scott Perry made a Motion, seconded by Sabra Massey, and unanimously approved, to continue this project. Parma Jewett is already in the process of assembling photographs of historic buildings. The calendar will be ready for the Annual Meeting.

6.    The Treasurer’s Report prepared by Barb Nye was approved as written. Scott presented a draft of a financial statement and proposed budget for 2005. This report should be further discussed by the Executive Committee.

7.    MHS newsletter – Scott volunteered to be the editor and presented a proposed issue. He suggested that this newsletter be distributed to all members quarterly. The April issue will be combined with a mailing for membership renewal.

8.    Scott has set up an e-mail address for the MHS: There is also a link to the MHS from the town website:

9.    Bill Branthoover was appointed as Archivist of the MHS.

10.    Scott will arrange to have the furnace switch moved from inside the archival room to the outside in order to meet the fire code.

11.    Upon Motion made by Bill McGroarty, seconded by Sue Wilson and unanimously approved, it was decided to donate $187.50 to the Town for storage of the Hectorville Bridge. This represents half of the annual cost. The Town has discussed the possible placement of the bridge with the Recreation Department in the proposed park located on the Gordon Jewett property.

12.    Board members were asked to present 2 more members for nomination.

13.    Committee chairs/dates:
    (a)    Speakers – Charles Henderson
    (b)    Music – Sabra Massey
    (c)    Special events:
        1.    History Expo – Parma Jewett, Bill Branthoover
        2.    Antiques Road Show, April 9th 7-9 PM at the Grange – Charles Henderson, Winston Lewis and Sally Newton
        3.    Community History Project – Charles Henderson, Bill McGroarty, John Beaty
        4.    Memorial Day Commemoration, Monday May 30th at 10 AM - Scott Perry
        5.    Annual Meeting, Friday, June 17th – Sue Wilson, Sabra Massey
        6.    Membership – Marijke Dollois
        7.    Fundraising -   
            a.    Calendars – Parma Jewett
            b.    Covered Bridge Festival – mailboxes in the shape of covered bridges to be build by town carpenters and decorated by town artists and then auctioned off at the Arts for the Park event – Parma Jewett, Sue Wilson, Sabra Massey and Marijke Dollois
            c.    Art Exhibit at Pratt Hall – TBA (to coincide with Garden Club Harvest Day event end of August) – Eric Bataille, Heidi Lague

14.    Display space – to be discussed further.

Respectfully submitted,
Marijke M. Dollois